My Children Just Planned My Funeral

How will we be remembered?

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen to discover my funeral preparations. It started off innocent enough. One of my daughters was flipping through our wedding pictures and asked if we had bubbles at our funeral. The other two laughed correcting her mistake reminding her it was a wedding and not a funeral. And then the […]

children planning bubbles at my funeral

When People are Mean

Steps to take with playground bullies

School is so close to being over. Perhaps it’s the warmer days or having completed the STARR test, whatever the reason the mean girls have gotten meaner. Bullies don’t just hurt one. Their actions have multiple victims. They divide a community and destroy the atmosphere, whether it be an academic one or club of some […]

Will Our Bodies Be Perfect In Heaven?

Questions from my children

This past weekend my daughter asked if when she gets to heaven she will have two working eyes. I’ve been tossing that question around in my head ever since and the answer is I don’t know.  (If you don’t know our story, she lost one eye to cancer at 6 months old)   The question […]

Our hearts are broken…

Looking towards Holy Week

I’ve been trying to find the words to say. My heart is broken and the act of writing normally brings healing. But words have been hard for me to find. My children are mourning, they lost a friend and my friend lost a child. The world is different today. I close my eyes and all […]