Overcoming Writer’s Block -12 Tips to Make Today Count

I’ve taken the jump into full-time freelance writing and social media management. Writer’s block is detrimental to my productivity. Time spent staring at the keyboard when I am paid by word hits the pocket book hard. Writer’s block is a normal frustration for any writer. Whether you are a student struggling with an assignment, a […]

12 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

Mint – 7 Recipes & its Healing Properties

Mint is a hearty plant, growing in difficult climates and spreading quickly. This common plant has been used throughout history for various medical treatments. The desert climate of El Paso, TX can be harsh on plants, especially mid-summer. Our lavender and dill did not survive the heat, but our mint has thrived. In fact, we […]

Mint recipes and healing properties

Standing with the Oppressed

Are you a midwife or a king?

Are you a midwife or a king? Does the question strike you as odd? What does it have to do with standing with the oppressed. Let me explain. I believe we Christians have gotten off course. The focus has shifted from valuing life to that of personal blessing and kingship. We thank God for parking […]

Standing with the oppressed blog title

My Children Just Planned My Funeral

How will we be remembered?

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen to discover my funeral preparations. It started off innocent enough. One of my daughters was flipping through our wedding pictures and asked if we had bubbles at our funeral. The other two laughed correcting her mistake reminding her it was a wedding and not a funeral. And then the […]

children planning bubbles at my funeral