Marriage: Called to Duty & to Change

Guest Post by Makeda Rodriguez from Being Mrs. Mom

The third post in our marriage series, Makeda Rodrigues from Being Mrs. Mom shares how deployment changed her for the better. Being forced apart during pregnancy, while not her plan, had some advantages. Her soldier wasn’t the only one who changed during their time apart.

A few years ago, when we had been married for eight years, I was pregnant with our third child.  I had been used to my husband being home with us.  At this time he had been notified by his unit that he would have to leave home for 3-4 months at a time every 3-4 months.

When this happened, I had no idea what to expect.  I had two little children and was pregnant.  I wanted my husband home with me, but I had to understand what his career required.  I wasn’t sure what my life would be like in the next few months, but I trusted God.

I grew up in my home as an only child, so I knew what it was like to be alone, but I had grown accustomed to having my husband with me as my companion.  At night we would have dinner together, walk the dog, read to our boys, and kiss one another goodnight.  I told myself that I would have to find a new normal, but I was really emotional and pregnant.

My third pregnancy was a hard one.  I was plagued with nausea that lasted for weeks.   I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started reading my Bible more and more.  It was something that I had done during our earlier years of marriage, when I was stressed.  At this time in my life, I found great peace in reading the Word of God.

Although I wasn’t sure what to expect at the beginning of this time, when my husband would leave, by the end of his time away, I had come to cherish the times that I had with God.  I missed my husband dearly, but I loved my time with God.  I’m sure my husband also recognized the changes that had occurred in me due staying in the Word.  

When he returned home, I was a different woman.  I was less emotional, more focused, and filled with more joy.  I have come to believe that there will be times, during my husband’s career, when God will pull him away and take the opportunity to make me better.  During these times, He changes me and touches an area of my life that I didn’t even know needed to be changed.  

For this very reason, my mind has changed about my husband leaving.  I don’t look forward to it.  I still miss him dearly, but I have come to expect that I will be very different when he returns because God wants to do something in me.  

I believe that now I can honestly say my husband is called to duty and I am called to change.  

Have you ever had a similar experience when it comes to your husband leaving?  What joy have you found in the experience, if any?

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  1. It is in the difficult times indeed that we are changed to the better. That’s a beautiful story. So hopeful and inspiring. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

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