Finding Joy: The Year Apart That Made Me A Better Wife

Finding Joy: The Year Apart That Made Me A Better Wife

finding joy book cover Hope N. Griffin

Finding Joy is not always an easy task. Plenty of couples share everything but a zip code. Fifteen million people in the US currently claim to be in a long distance relationship and a huge percentage of these fail.Like many of her peers Hope didn’t get married so that she could spend her nights alone. When she put the ring on her finger and took the vows she did not know that for better or worse meant oceans apart or battling their child’s cancer.

As a military spouse and mother, Hope has faced some long, lonely nights questioning God’s faithfulness and the strength of her marriage. If you’ve ever found yourself in a long-distance marriage and wondered if it was possible not only to survive but also to thrive, then this book is for you. Hope invites you—through personal experience, examples of others in history, and Scripture—to explore the possibility of a stronger more fulfilling marriage.



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 It is pretty obvious Hope wrote this book as an encouragement to her fellow military wives – and she did a wonderful job at that. What surprised me, as a non-military wife, was how much of it still applied to me, someone who sees her husband every day!

Amy Odland

Sometimes books like this can come across as well-meaning but shallow advice from someone who only imagines what you are experiencing. Hope’s book is based solidly in her own deeply-engraved experiences and hard-won lessons on faith, trust, love and joy. When she encourages us to trust God, she speaks as someone who has been through the long dark places of not trusting Him, and the long confusing journeys of being able to only trust Him.

-Karen Watkins, CRU Military Ministry National Team

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“This is a fantastic book that would be a great gift for a military spouse whose military member is getting ready to deploy, or for a unit or base support club or book club. She addresses the common emotional cycle of deployments with a Christian perspective and honesty – it’s not always a walk in the park. However, just like Hope, military spouses can successfully survive–and thrive–separation and obstacles of daily life that can bog us down. I really liked the introspective questions at the end of each chapter. These are great to just reflect, or would be helpful in guiding a discussion in a group setting.” — Kella Price

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Suggested Interview Questions:

1. What led you to write Finding Joy?
2. How is your story similar to that of Esther in the Bible?
3. What did you miss about your spouse more than anything?
4. What safeguards did you establish to protect your marriage while your husband was away?
5. How did your relationship with your extended family change during your husband’s deployment?
6. How did being apart change your conversations?
7. How are deployment and cancer– both of which you’ve experienced– similar experiences?
8. What adjustments do you have to make when your soldier returns?
9. How did you find a way to praise God for deployments?
10. Does your story have a happy ending?

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