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I love everything about November. It’s the month to be thankful, it’s pumpkin and cinnamon everywhere, scarecrows, fall leaves, cooler weather, and time with friends. It’s also deciding what to do with the stashes of Halloween candy and the big decision to a) toss it or give it all away b) eat all of it in one sitting c) or stash it and save it for later.

A few years back the kids tried to convince us that their dolls woke up in the middle of the night and made a mess of their rooms. Of course we saw through their story, but we decided to raise their crazy and had a little party of our own.

The dolls quickly took over the house and the left over Halloween candy.

When Dolls Come to LifeTwo years later the kids are still talking about when the dolls ate their candy. This year our oldest locked all her dolls in the closet to make sure they didn’t misbehave. Looks like we are going to have to get more creative next year.

This Week’s Featured Post

One of my favorite candies is Candy Corn. I know some of you are groaning. It’s a love hate relationship with this candy. But one thing I love about it is the colors, the crafts, and all the fun thanksgiving turkeys you can make with it. So naturally this week’s featured post is 25 Ways to Eat Candy Corn by Marilyn’s Treats. The only thing missing are Thanksgiving Turkey’s with Candy Corn’s for feathers. Marilyn’s Treats joined our linkup last week and was the one I choose to feature here. Find out who else was featured by visiting the other co-hosts blogs. Be sure to tag us on all social media with #JoyHopeLive to make it easier to share your posts.

Here is a recap of my week:

For the month of November different military spouses will be sharing weekly on why they are grateful for our military community. Read, Share, and Tell us your own experiences. We are only two weeks in with plenty of great stories still to read. Ariel from PMQ for Two and Jodi from Back On Land have both shared what they are thankful for.

thankfulformilitarycommunity pmq for two

Speaking of thankfulness… my big one for the week was being able to join Army Wife Network in discussing Finding Joy. It was so much fun to be on their show. You can listen to it here – MP3 File. The  comment early on in the show made me think about the thanksgiving challenge we (or nearly everyone on my facebook feed) did last year, posting one thing we are thankful for on social media every day of the month. I may have started late but their reminder got me going.

Be sure to join the Goodreads Discussion group where a new question from the book, Finding Joy, will be posted every week.

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