Medicaid: The Misuse of Your Generosity

The Misuse of Your Generosity and What You Should Do About It

Matthew 22:21 says to “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s: and to God the things that are God’s.” What does this mean in regards to our hard earned dollars being misused? Is Medicaid misusing our generosity and hard work? Should we be demanding reform? Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash Taxes are one of those realities we cannot escape. […]

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Raising a Miley Cyrus in an Esther World

Last month an article began circulating, Raising an Esther in a Miley Cyrus World, and it struck a nerve. I chose to not respond on newsfeeds simply because the overwhelming voices were knee jerk amens. Jerry Kiesewetter Instead, I took the advice of Tristen Harris in his Ted Talk The manipulative tricks tech companies use to […]

Standing with the Oppressed

Are you a midwife or a king?

Are you a midwife or a king? Does the question strike you as odd? What does it have to do with standing with the oppressed. Let me explain. I believe we Christians have gotten off course. The focus has shifted from valuing life to that of personal blessing and kingship. We thank God for parking […]

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Unsinkable Faith by Tracie Miles

This week as I seek to find joy in my every day, I’ve been reading Unsinkable Faith by Tracie Miles. Miles is a national speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries and a bestselling author who’s spent the last twelve years inspiring women to become who God called them to be. She’s the author of “Your Life Still Counts” and […]

What is Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday is a new tradition in my world. I grew up in a church that did not partake in all of Holy Week (the time between Palm Sunday and Easter). We did the two Sundays BIG. Palm Sunday was filled with music, scripture, and palm leaves while Easter was a celebration complete with guest musicians, […]

3 Books to Challenge Your Idea of Christ & Grace

Grace is one of the simplest, yet most difficult to grasp, concepts of Christianity. A gift given, no strings attached. Yet, we keep adding demands, to-do-lists,  unreachable goals and declaring that Jesus is not enough. We approach the Bible like a spell-book, if we say these words correctly then this will happen, if we put […]