DIY Coffee Station. Tips and Ideas.

Guest Post by Rachel Heffington

Self-care is truly important. As a caregiver and someone who carries the weight of the world on my shoulders (as my mother says), I have to make sure I’m taking care of me. A recent phone call with mom ended with “so what are you doing to take care of you?” It’s a good question. My me time in the past year has been counseling sessions. Recently, in one of those sessions, it was suggested to be purposeful in my morning routine. The idea is to mindfully go through the steps each morning to center and calm my mind through intentionality.

I wanted to create a space that honored the quiet moments so I reached out to some of my blogger friends and asked for suggestions. Rachel Heffington was happy to chime in. Following is her DIY Coffee Station and intentional morning moments.

Side Note: As a military spouse and the mother of a cancer survivor (and just human being in general), I advocate strongly the need for mental health care for the entire family. (Here’s where I plug DASIUM and Warning Signs: A Parenting Guide for Discovering if Your Teen is at Risk for Depression, Addiction, or Suicide, both valuable resources) To my military spouse community, we are told to be strong and resilient but in order to make that happen, you have to arm yourself with the tools necessary for success. Self-care and counseling go a long way towards your success.

DIY Coffee Station Rachel HeffingtonEvery moment of a weekday morning is precious but a little forethought in the form of a DIY coffee station can extend the peace. That drowsy time at the front of the day when the world has forgotten to be hyper-active is blissful. Though I refuse to identify as a “morning person,” I will admit to enjoying the margin to my morning when I set my alarm a little earlier than necessary. When I give myself ample time to get dressed, make breakfast, and spend some quiet time in the Word, it sets a tone of peace and balance that flows into the rest of my day.

Some people call this “zen.” I call it “quality time with coffee.” And the best way to expedite your daily cuppa could be to set up a coffee station or tea zone! No pre-caffeine fumbling through the drawers, the pantry, and the dishwasher for your travel mug, French press, and coffee grinder. Whether your preferred method of caffeination is coffee or tea, here are some components to building a great coffee station in your own home:


  1. Make it handy – you know those beautiful little corners in some homes that (while being Pinterest-worthy) are pretty useless? You’ll be using your coffee station, so be sure that you locate it close to the kitchen or dining room with easy access to the sink for water and dirty spoons, and the fridge for creamer or milk. Re-purpose furniture you already own: end-tables and chests of drawers make ideal places to spread out.
  2. Make it pretty – I am a firm believer in the fact that pretty things taste better. This also goes for the dishes I am eating/drinking from. Choose your three favorite mugs and display them proudly. You know the three – the ones you always gravitate toward because of the way they fit your hand, the memories involved, or the fact that they fit in your car’s cup holder. Add a small bud-vase filled with dried flowers (or fresh if you’re that on top of things), a couple coffee or tea tins, and arrange it all on a freshly painted breakfast tray.
  3. Make it simple – A coffee station doesn’t need to hold absolutely every tool for making coffee known to man. If you’re a coffee snob, you don’t need to put your French press, Chemex, and espresso maker on the coffee bar. Choose the machine or implement you use most frequently and put the others back in the cabinet for a weekend splurge. For me, this means keeping my French press handy (it makes exactly enough for one mug at home and one to go) and letting the other paraphernalia have a rest.
  4. Make it fun – Maybe you’re just in it for the caffeine. You don’t function without coffee and don’t care about setting up a complex area. That’s fine. But you’ll find yourself even more excited for that first cup if you add a little adventure in the form of several different coffee roasts (tea drinkers, stock your tea zone with a few new varieties of tea). Choose one favorite blend and a couple new ones – some grocery stores still sell the “grind it yourself” beans. Also check out coffee shops in your area – often many will sell pre-ground or whole-bean bags of the coffee they use in-store, making it doubly easy for you to get that coffee shop fix. Rotate which coffee you make each morning to keep things interesting.


Easy as a wink. Why not set up a coffee station in your home to turn your morning-moments into something to savor?

Rachel Heffington is a VA-based food-writer and recipe developer. In addition to writing, Rachel enjoys painting, entertaining, exploring new cities, styling photos, and cooking with anybody she even moderately likes. You can find her at her food blog, Lipstick & Gelato, as well as on Instagram (@lipstickandgelato) where she’s probably experimenting in the kitchen or visiting that one coffee shop. Again.

It’s Hope again.

Did she say savor?

I know what book I’m adding to my coffee station. It’s not an intentional moment for me if there isn’t a book nearby. Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are As You Are by Shauna Niequest is a call to savor every moment. 365 individual moments scattered with recipes lead you to rest and intentionality. It’s a great book to start your day with over a cup of coffee or tea.

Taking Rachel’s advice of making it handy, pretty, simple and fun I took to Pinterest and found a few to model my own after.