Top 5 Ways to Communicate Better in Long Distance Relationships

by Guest Blogger Jennifer Craig Wondering if long distance relationships can thrive? How can you communicate better with your partner who is miles away? There are many different aspects to cultivating healthier and more meaningful communication. With expert insight and understanding, here are the top five ways in which you can communicate better with your partner, […]

long distance relationships - top 5 ways to communicate better

Bridging the Communication Gap in Military Marriages

A Book Review of Corie Weather's Sacred Spaces

When you get married the last thing you expect is separate addresses. Military deployments send two people in two very different directions. It is not just the time and geography that separate us. People change throughout the course of a year and unshared experiences send you in two very different directions. Corie Weathers captures this […]

Book Review of Sacred Spaces by Corie Weathers a journey to the heart of military marriages