Standing with the Oppressed

Are you a midwife or a king?

Are you a midwife or a king? Does the question strike you as odd? What does it have to do with standing with the oppressed. Let me explain. I believe we Christians have gotten off course. The focus has shifted from valuing life to that of personal blessing and kingship. We thank God for parking […]

Standing with the oppressed blog title

When Leaders Fail Us…

We all have our stories. Times where we have put our hope in leaders only to be disappointed. Times, when we as leaders, have disappointed others. In the current political climate of America, one does not have to look far before feeling discouraged. It’s not a new sentiment. The upcoming lectionary texts, for the third […]

Will Our Bodies Be Perfect In Heaven?

Questions from my children

This past weekend my daughter asked if when she gets to heaven she will have two working eyes. I’ve been tossing that question around in my head ever since and the answer is I don’t know.  (If you don’t know our story, she lost one eye to cancer at 6 months old)   The question […]

What promise does Easter hold?

Easter Sunday

Whenever Peter begins to speak I smile. You never know if it will be wrapped in humility, or be served with humble pie. Acts 10:34-43 is simply beautiful, “I now know…” he says, “…God does not pick favorites…all who want him are welcome (paraphrase mine).” It’s a lesson Peter will have to learn again, but […]

Come Sit With Me Mama

Fifth Sunday in Lent

It’s been awhile since I’ve last sat down to study or write. This morning I carved out a few minutes only to be met with the small voice of a child. “Sit with me mama.” It’s not just the writing and the studying I’ve neglected. I’ve been consumed in busy with little time to sit […]

Does God really offer safety? What does that mean?

Second Sunday in Lent

Fear motivates us to seek safety but does safety drive away fear? As someone who has had her share of anxiety I don’t believe it does. Despite the reality of being safe the fear of the unknown or even the possibility that something terrible could happen can keep us from finding comfort. Throughout Scripture we […]