5 Reasons Why Administrative Assistants Rule the World

Administrative Assistants rule the world. I know this because I once was one, I’ve hired a few, and for the last two years, I’ve worked with the queen of all Admins. She keeps the rest of us on our toes. So here are my top five reasons why Administrative Assistants rule the world. And just in case you forgot, Administrative Professionals Day is TODAY Wednesday 4/26/17. Be sure to post this to your Administrative Assistant’s FB wall or email it to her/him to show how much you appreciate all she/he does!

Administrative assistants appreciation day

5 Reasons Why Administrative Assistants Rule the World

1. They hold the keys to everything. I don’t know about your office but in ours, you forget your keys you pay up. One of us, I won’t name names, has a nice debt accumulating.

2. They ultimately decide when things are scheduled, started, and forgotten. They learn the habits of everyone in the obvious fairly quickly. When I was the admin for Fellowship of Christian Athletes I made it a point to send our Area Rep an hour early in order to make sure he arrived on time.

3. They set the tone for the office. Their attention to detail, their reminders, and their presence set the mood for the day. When the first face you see has a genuine smile you can’t help but smile back. The laughter and energy from the front permeate the entire office.

4. They know everything there is to know about the workings of the organization. They are the go-to people when you are stuck or have forgotten something.

5. Most importantly they are the connectors that bond the rest of us together. Their ability to build relationships with the staff enables them to mediate and remain neutral during inner office squabbles. But they also hold the right to let you know when you have erred, to hold you accountable to a higher standard. They are the bridge between members and staff and are essential to the communication and health within the organization. They play a large part in creating the culture of the office and in its success or failure.

All of us, whether we work in an office or not, come in contact with these amazing men and women. Be sure to let them know how much they are appreciated this coming week. A kind word and a thank you go a long way. So this week make a point to celebrate them, not just one day. Let’s start today!

Let us know in the comments who the world’s best Administrative Assistant is. Ready. Set. Brag!

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