People Of The Lie

A book review

Reading people is not my strength. In fact, I tend to take people at face value, or even with the belief that when things aren’t feeling quite right they are just having an off day.  Potential goodness is something everyone possesses. To counteract this I put people in my life with an innate sense of […]


A Commitment to Serve

First Presbyterian Church of El Paso
August 28, 2016

Service is a topic close to my heart. It’s a way to express gratitude to organizations and individuals we love. On Sunday, August 28, 2016 I had the opportunity to share at First Presbyterian how service springs from a heart of gratitude and how important it is to serve alongside and for one another in a community. Here’s a snippet:

It’s nearly impossible for me to talk about any aspect of life without mentioning my children. So I’m just gonna jump in from the beginning. Prior to having kids John and I volunteered. Now I can’t speak for John but my motivation for volunteering centered around wanting to fill my time, looking for friends, and doing good just because good needed to be done. I volunteered where needed with no real direction.

Then I had kids. Suddenly, volunteering took on a life of it’s own. See a need, fill a need, or the kids weren’t going to get to do that one thing they desperately wanted to do and it would be all my fault, whether it was the church play, a team sport, scouting, cookie sales, field trips, homeschool co-ops, mops groups, Sunday schools and children’s church… it would be a balance between spending time with the kids and a nice healthy dose of obligation and guilt that keeps me volunteering. Except in one area.

St Jude Children’s Hospital. When they ask, or even slightly suggest, we jump. If they ask us to go speak to donors to share our daughter’s story we say yes 100% of the time, when they asked Katie to do a radiothon or to do a photoshoot we never hesitated, when they ask us to participate in research studies the answer is always yes. Why? How could we say no? It doesn’t come from a sense of obligation. At no time has the hospital said to us we did this for you, we expect loyalty and servitude. Instead, what they did was give us the greatest gift of all, our daughters life and health. They never asked for anything, not a dime. Instead, they presented us with opportunities to show our gratitude though they never required it of us. Our willingness to do whatever we can for St Jude comes from a deep seated root of gratefulness. We can never, no matter what we do for them, pay back the gift they gave us. We crave opportunities to serve them. How could we not?

But this sermon isn’t about St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

You can read the full sermon here: A Commitment to Serve. 

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Learning to Expose My Heart & Love The-Hard-To-Love

Middle Places
August 8, 2016

Love the Hard to Love LearningAs a mother, as a friend, as a woman, I am slowly learning to expose my heart to hurting people and love the hard to love ones who need it most.

As you send your children back to school, or even face the grown up bullies in your own life, may you continue to remember that every human comes with a complex story. May you love even the unloveable just as Christ loves you. May you have the courage to expose your heart. Read more at



Bridging the Communication Gap in Military Marriages

A Book Review of Corie Weather's Sacred Spaces

Deployments send two people in two very different directions. It is not just the time and geography that separate us. People change throughout the course of a year and unshared experiences send you in two very different directions. Corie Weathers captures this struggle in her new book Sacred Spaces. Elva Resa Publishing and Weathers sent me a […]

Book Review of Sacred Spaces by Corie Weathers a journey to the heart of military marriages

Being Present in the Midst of Overacheiving

Middle Places
July 11, 206

New Years 2016 I set out my goal of being present. At the time I thought that meant simply being more engaged with the person sitting in front of me, of enjoying the moments rather than always planning the next one, and mostly enjoying my littles who are growing up way to fast. Along the way I have discovered that being present is more complicated. It goes  deeper then just showing up. Read more on today’s post at Middle Places, Being Present in the Midst of Overachieving. 

Finding Joy in Pre-Deployment

Army Wife Network
July 5, 2016

pre-deployment finding joy

Installment #2 in the Finding Joy series at Army Wife Network was published today. The word “deployment” still terrifies me. I dread the next time my soldier comes home and says it is coming. The time leading up to his departure drags on forever and the emotions escalate, but purpose and joy can be found in the midst. Read more at Finding Joy in Pre-Deployment.