Bridging the Communication Gap in Military Marriages

A Book Review of Corie Weather's Sacred Spaces

Deployments send two people in two very different directions. It is not just the time and geography that separate us. People change throughout the course of a year and unshared experiences send you in two very different directions. Corie Weathers captures this struggle in her new book Sacred Spaces. Elva Resa Publishing and Weathers sent me a […]

Book Review of Sacred Spaces by Corie Weathers a journey to the heart of military marriages

Being Present in the Midst of Overacheiving

Middle Places
July 11, 206

New Years 2016 I set out my goal of being present. At the time I thought that meant simply being more engaged with the person sitting in front of me, of enjoying the moments rather than always planning the next one, and mostly enjoying my littles who are growing up way to fast. Along the way I have discovered that being present is more complicated. It goes  deeper then just showing up. Read more on today’s post at Middle Places, Being Present in the Midst of Overachieving. 

Finding Joy in Pre-Deployment

Army Wife Network
July 5, 2016

pre-deployment finding joy

Installment #2 in the Finding Joy series at Army Wife Network was published today. The word “deployment” still terrifies me. I dread the next time my soldier comes home and says it is coming. The time leading up to his departure drags on forever and the emotions escalate, but purpose and joy can be found in the midst. Read more at Finding Joy in Pre-Deployment.