Medicaid: The Misuse of Your Generosity

The Misuse of Your Generosity and What You Should Do About It

Matthew 22:21 says to “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s: and to God the things that are God’s.” What does this mean in regards to our hard earned dollars being misused? Is Medicaid misusing our generosity and hard work? Should we be demanding reform? Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash Taxes are one of those realities we cannot escape. […]

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Raising a Miley Cyrus in an Esther World

Last month an article began circulating, Raising an Esther in a Miley Cyrus World, and it struck a nerve. I chose to not respond on newsfeeds simply because the overwhelming voices were knee jerk amens. Jerry Kiesewetter Instead, I took the advice of Tristen Harris in his Ted Talk The manipulative tricks tech companies use to […]

Freezer Meals with Once A Month Cooking

During deployments, I made freezer meals regularly using Once A Month Meals’ database. As we head into the school year I decided it was time to start stocking the freezer with healthy homemade meals. I wanted to share this process and my overall thoughts on the system with you. Part of finding joy in the every […]

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Sage: 46 Things To Do With Fresh Sage

Our sage bush is flourishing. I love cooking with fresh herbs and filling our freezer with garden fresh produce for the coming winter months. Sage is a wonderful addition to any herb garden for many reasons. Tonight we are having Sage Butter Biscuits, Sauteed Carrots, and Buttermilk Herb Chicken with fresh sage from the garden. These […]

Ethical Fashion, Sseko Designs, & an Opportunity for You

Are you a military spouse looking for remote work?

A few weeks ago Sseko Designs sent me a pair of Ribbon Sandals. I have been wearing them nearly every day since. They are extremely comfortable and versatile with any outfit. My 10-year-old has already put in a request for her own pair. As a military spouse, I’ve tried my hand at a few direct […]

Home for His Birthday!

Celebrating with Broken Cars and Good Food

Every time my husband is home for a holiday or birthday is a good day. This year we spent his birthday with him. Kind of. He spent most of the day with his head under the hood of a car. Why? Because they both chose to break at the same time. I thought days like […]